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Mount Gambier

The Border Watch has served the people in the South East of South Australia and Western Districts of Victoria for 160 years. It is one of South Australia’s largest provincial newspapers with a reach of over 20,000 people.

The region is known for its diversity of economic activity, and is conveniently situated half way between Adelaide and Melbourne. Agriculture, fishing, forestry, tourism and secondary industries together make important contributions to the local economy and provide a sound base for continued economic growth.



The Border Watch newspaper began in 1861 and was started by Janet Laurie and her two teenage sons, Andrew, 17, and James 15 and when it was first published on April 26, 1861 Janet Laurie became the founder, first owner, manager and editor.

She had been editor of the Portland Herald since 1854 and perhaps was the first female editor in Australian newspaper history. When she became manager of The Border Watch it is likely she was the first female newspaper manager in Australia.

In 1863 John Watson joined the business as editor and he occupied the editor’s chair for a world record 62 years and from 1863 the newspaper ran under the banner of Laurie and Watson Proprietors.

Through the generations the two families ran the newspaper until 1977 when it was sold to Allan Scott, AO through his television company South East Telecasters.

In 1978 The Border Watch purchased the Penola Pennant and in 2007 bought the South Eastern Times and Millicent Print which operated from offices in Millicent.

The Border Watch publishers each Friday and attracts a readership throughout the Limestone Coast and into the Western District of Victoria.

The Border Watch has been an active member of Country Press SA for more than a century and won the top regional newspaper award in 2004, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2021.

Most recently The Border Watch attracted new owners in a partnership of independent publishing proprietors from South Australia and Victoria. The new business, TBW Today Pty Ltd is 100% committed to backing the local team of journalists and media consultants.

Throughout its history The Border Watch has regarded itself as the “community watchdog” and has covered every organisation in Mount Gambier at some point during the last 160 years.

Today, it remains possibly the fourth oldest business still running under its original name in Mount Gambier. It is understood the Mount Gambier Hotel is the oldest such business (1847), second is the Federal Hotel, formerly the Farmer’s Inn (1856) and third is the South Australian Hotel (1860).

Through its strong readership across various platforms, the Border Watch offers the Limestone Coast’s best marketing solutions through print, social, digital and a range of direct targeting solutions.




Published Day: Tuesday and Friday
Audience: 20,000+
Cover Price: $3.00 GST Inc. 
Address: 1/1 Commercial Street, Mt Gambier
Phone Number: (08) 8741 8170
Email Advertising:
Email Editorial:

News Editor
Elisabeth Champion

Phone: 8741 8170, 0488 991 954

Sales Manager
Melanie Smith
Phone: 8724 1508; 0411 800 692

Mount Gambier

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