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Best Sports Story



MURRAY PIONEER- Paul Mitchell & Stephanie Thompson

An informative piece which leaves the reader questioning whether the local council was effectively spending ratepayers’ money when it came to sports facilities in Loxton. Importantly, the opening few paragraphs present what is a strong news angle in a succinct yet easy to understand manner, and leave the reader quickly turning the front page in search of the rest of the story. Not only does the article hold the council to account but it provides you with an appropriate amount of historical information and carefully chosen quotes, while the supporting imagery is helpful. Overall it is a quality piece of journalism that serves the best interests of the local community. It should be noted the supporting background information and comments were useful as they provided context to the newsgathering, and other mastheads are encouraged to take advantage of this section on the entry form going forward.



A great example of local reporting which takes an international event like the Olympics and makes it relevant to a regional community. The article is an entertaining and inspiring read that captures the emotion of a proud grandfather, who paints a picture of his granddaughter’s rise to competing on the world stage. The story flows nicely with the reader carried along by descriptive and well-chosen quotes from what appears to have been extensive interviews. In particular, the quotes relating to childhood notes or letters, which are depicted among other imagery, add a level of nostalgia that is sure to evoke emotion among any reader who is a parent.



A good piece of journalism which highlights the efforts of a once local resident who has gone on to compete internationally at the CrossFit Games. It is an interesting article which is well structured and finishes on an uplifting note. Importantly, it appropriately explains what is arguably a non-mainstream sport and competition, which in turn gives context to the enormity of the athlete’s achievement. This was effortless to read and an enjoyable story among what was a high quality selection of entries. Well done.


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