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Country Press SA

Best Road Safety Reporting


Comment: Country newspapers are a staple of the communities they serve. What is communicated within those sheets of paper requires not only good journalistic skills, but also a genuine understanding of what actually matters to the community. This award and the winners are a great example of how good writing, a clear perspective and persistence can bring about positive change.

Winner: The Leader – Celeste Newbery

This was a wonderful example of a newspaper and journalist understanding the needs of the community and persisting with stories to drive change.  Key to this was covering a range of opinions from residents and commercial operators to back up the need for change. As a set of stories, it was very compelling and there is no doubt the change in signs will save lives.

Second: The Mt Barker Courier – Elisa Rose

I really admired the perspective of the article which supported concerned residents. Another great outcome for road safety.

Third: The Bunyip – Brendan Simpkins

Another strong example of how being part of the local community opens doors. The engagement of the emergency services provided a positive local perspective around road safety messaging.


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