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Best Photo


It is pleasing to see the determination of the photographers in planning and executing some very fine work for this year’s awards. Because it “isn’t serious news or sport” the task was made a little easier, with the hard-news aspect removed.

Nevertheless, it is always tough to separate well-constructed photos, and separating 1st from 2nd was particularly difficult in this case.

First: Pete Thornton, The Leader
Once again, Pete shows excellent photo planning and execution, and this contribution to the Barossa Unearthed series had all the right ingredients. Firstly, I had to know what it was about, and there certainly was a story being told in this image. It drew me straight to the words and was satisfying to match up. This was a fun picture too, just right for a feelgood story.

Second: Peter Gandolfi, The Border Watch
What isn’t there to like about this photo! And the headline “Look at Me” said it all. Nicely framed, and presented on the front page, Meg the Italian greyhound is an instant hit, and doesn’t she know it.

Third: Lechelle Earl, The SE Voice
There was something about the colour and the posing of this photo that immediately draws the viewer in, wanting to know what, where and why. It worked well in construction and particularly with the creative use of the filtered light. A well thought out photo.

Honourable mention: Rhiannon Koch, YP Country Times
The photographer is worthy of mention here for taking a limited opportunity and turning it into a photo which catches the eye and conveys well the story behind it. Nicely framed and executed.

…And the rest

All the entries were well presented and complimentary to the accompanying words – stories from regional and rural South Australia. So, well done all who entered.


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