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Best Front Page


There are limited opportunities for variety with tabloid newspapers which have 7 col advertisements, nevertheless there was, in this section, some good attempts at originality, particularly using the photo as the main tool to capture reader attention.

Some front pages over-used screen and reverse type which has its place, but is a blunt instrument when over-used and proven to be more difficult to read.

Nevertheless, there is enough fine work here to be a good example to all about getting the front right to help attract casual readers.

First: Murray Pioneer

It was the picture that really worked for this: what’s with the QR Codes and the Pies? And, it was a topical and legitimate story, well laid out.

The lead also attracted attention with the use of the $ for the S, and this was a worthy hard news story. The whole presentation was complimented by the simple, but high-quality ad, which due to its size, could have wrecked the page.

Second: The Border Watch

It might be a good lead story but it is Meg the Italian greyhound who stars on this page, and no doubt helped the day’s casual buy. The layout also has been well worked with the advertisement, noting the colour co-ordination.

Third: The Courier

It is simply the bluntness of this front page that captures the attention. This is a dramatic, political story and is treated as such. And while the use of multiple headline colours is not ideal, the whole page is then further lifted with the pointer to the fast rail proposal.

Honourable mention: The Bunyip

A good attempt, but ultimately a bit too busy and the main photo washed out somewhat on newsprint. However, the ideas were good and busy can also be catchy.


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