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Best Advertisement Priced Product


Winner - The Courier.  Crafers Pizza Bar    

This is a clear and bright layout that works in the simplest way by making the price the hero.  The name and location of the business and the price of the offer are bold and unmissable and the layout carries the same branding as the website and store.  The offer is accompanied by plenty of contact options and information.  

Second - The SE Voice.  Jens Hotel

An attractive layout that clearly conveys the product and the offer as the heroes.  Nothing missing from the easy contact information and good brand reinforcement with the image of the hotel an important component.

Third - The Leader.  That’s Furniture & Bedding

A well designed and informative launch advertisement for a new business, with a very catchy headline and image and discounted prices.  

Simple to understand the purpose of the advertisement and to navigate all of the information to the call to action.  Reassuring to learn it contributed to the business selling all the stock featured.

Special mentions

The Courier.  Irrigation Pump Depot

An appealing layout with good use of mostly cool colours, with some brighter colours in context.  Clear product images, pricing and description.  Pleasing to look at and very easy to review and find the call to action.  As a full page, it would have really stood out in the paper.

The Advocate.  Ceduna Foreshore Hotel Motel

An informative and well laid out advertisement that provides a comprehensive directory of events and offers at the Hotel.  Perhaps the branding at the top could have been stronger, either by bordering the page, or simply giving it more size or colour.  It seemed to be lost in all the information on the page.

Other entries (in no order)

The Plains Producer.  Steinborner

It was good to see a departure from the usual car style of car advertising into a slightly frivolous and fun theme.  Four clear and informative offers are supported by an engaging and humourous photo of the sales team.  Bold phone number, both others means to engage (such as a website) could have been considered.

The Plains Producer.  Clare Valley Toyota

An engaging advertisement, with a fun and appealing  theme and image.  Nicely personalised with the photos of the dealer and the sales team.  A nice way to combine the power of a respected international brand with a local one.

The Yorke Peninsula Country Times.  Enfield Furnishers

These advertisements are always well done, with the personality of the owner the hero image and by surrounding him with offers, there is a strong personal guarantee.  Great colours that look good on the page and very easy to find call to action and information.  Good to see that the ”less is more” approach is working.

The SE Voice.  OG Roberts

It is difficult to be innovative with car advertising, but this one has used modern fonts, colour and background to turn a regular style into something quite appealing.  It perhaps would have been better at the top of the page, as the Mitsubishi advertisement blends in and you have to look closely to see it is for a different dealer.  Good contact options and information.

The Border Watch.  Bi-Rite

A simple advertisement that succeeds by focusing on two offers.  The yellow makes the offer and the pricing prominent and prompts interest in the who, what and where.  Perhaps a few more contact details and business hours would be helpful.

The Murray Pioneer.  Grower Services

Nice and simple product offer ads that have a straightforward design, featuring the product, with clear price and information.  Perhaps a few more contact options and trading hours would help the reader.

The Bunyip.  Uleybury Wines

A simple advertisement that uses space and image effectively to look nice on the page.  The nature of the offer is supported by the image and conveys an urgency for action (due to the sale).  Plenty of contact options.  Be careful to proof read for upper/lower case inconsistencies (Fri/sat/sun).

The Yorke Peninsula Country Times.  Battery Solar Solutions

There is a good strategy behind this visually pleasing and informative advertisement.  Cool and calming colours, clear offer and plenty of contact details.  I could see why you should feel proud of this advertisement, the versatility it demonstrates and the relationship you developed with the “out of town” business.


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