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Best Advertisement Image-Branding


Overall judging comment

I have been judging the best advertising category for several years and continue to find it difficult to decide on the winners.  This year it was especially good to review entries from new members of the Association, reminding us that regional publishing thrives under independent and local ownership.

When I reflect on the effort that lies behind every idea and execution, I can see it is driven by a passion to do the best for the client and to reinforce the strong relationship between the client and the local newspaper.  In my opinion, that makes every locally produced advertisement a winner.   Every one of them keeps alive the significance of local advertising for business success.

More than the image and layout of the advertising is the story behind how it came to be and how it performed.  Consistent to every story is a trusted relationship and a recognition that advertising in a local newspaper still works a treat.

Congratulations to the place-getters, but also congratulations to you all.  Your pride and professionalism for country newspapers makes you all winners.

Winner - The Leader.  Three 75 Bar

This is a stunning advertisement that simply conveys so much about the client and their product.  Beautifully staged and lit, the food is the star and the epicurean desire it prompts is motivation to check the contact details to book a table.  Few readers would turn the page without dwelling for a time to take in the delectable images and checking who is presenting them.

Second - Yorke Peninsula Country Times.  Kadina Freight.  “Sometimes even Santa needs a little help”

This is a very effective advertisement for building a brand with different seasonal messages revolving around a consistent hero image.  The advertisement entered for the award builds on a very good brand campaign to take fun advantage of the Christmas season.  The service is well targeted and described, with friendly typography and a bold call to action.

Third - The Bunyip.  Travel Planner.

This is a colourful, imaginative and informative advertisement that speaks to the desire and frustration of many people who have felt restricted by COVID.  The recognisable images, with a local focus perfectly match the pitch about “ideas for taking tours ex Gawler”.  It also conveys that a travel agent isn’t necessarily about the big trip, but can help with the short and local ones too.

Special mentions

The Plains Producer.  Mid North Pest & Weed

I liked this advertisement because it was fun and simple, with images that appeal to the phobias and irritations that prompt the need to engage the advertiser.  Playful language, emotional images and a nice corporate colour palette make it a great looking advertisement.

The Bunyip.  Flower Delights

This is a simple and attractive advertisement with a lovely and heart-warming message.  Whilst the image and text is appropriate to Valentines Day,  it is a concept that can be adapted for other occasions.   

The association with the business is very strong and contact details are easy to find, including social media to build the ongoing relationship.

The Advocate.  Upper Eyre Peninsula Councils

This full page advertisement very effectively branded the events of the region and conveyed a sense of unity and co-operation between local governments.  A bright and celebratory hero image introduces a directory of information, with strong links back to the sponsoring councils.   I liked it as an idea that was well executed in a simple, but effective, way.

Other entries (in no order)

The SE Voice.  Roadhouse on O’Leary

A well conceived campaign to advertise fast food and convenience in an ongoing strip on the sports pages.  A great association between sport and food in a simple and colourful presentation.

The Murray Pioneer.  Warburton’s Butcher

I always enjoy seeing the Warburtons advertising for their strong branding, fun copy and hero images.  The dark backgrounds distinguish them well on the page.  This style of advertising will continue to keep their shop top of mind for quality product and personal service.  

The Advocate.  Cummins Milling

A simple advertisement with elegant hero images.  I did however feel that the inclusion of the sheep diet supplement was way out of place with the flour.  In fact, I’m not even sure what it was doing there, other than it being a product of the business.  Perhaps if I knew more about what Cummins Milling produced I would understand the context, but to me, it was quite confusing. I think it needed better separation and perhaps some text to explain that one is for home and one is for the farm.   I also can’t imagine being able to buy the sheep supplement at Foodland!   

The Border Watch.  Wagner’s Rose Nursery

This is a “pretty” advertisement that reflects the product very well and provides a lot of information.  It is however lost on the page, especially with the same image to the right and at the top.  There are a lot of roses and different colours to take in on the page and far too easy for the page to be turned before the adcvertisement is noticed.

The Yorke Peninsula Country Times.  Moonta Newsagency

In a time when newsagents are struggling to maintain their traditional business base, it’s good to hear of one that is benefiting from advertising in their local newspaper.  These ads, that focus on the core services and products, build a great brand to remind people that to have a good newsagent in your town is gold.  I like how the owner gets behind the brand by dressing up and being playful.

The Plains Producer.  Balaklava Prime Dental

This ad simply and comprehensively describes the business, with a lot of supporting information.  The hero image of a smiling child is engaging and memorable, with good supporting headline and copy.  It effectively conveys the importance of dental care from an early age.

The SE Voice.  Jen’s Hotel

A nice series of large, bold and informative ads that “own” page 2 each Tuesday.  Over time, these ads will serve as a “go to” for people to know what is happening at the hotel.  They will expect and look for the ad in it’s consistent position.   Engaging artwork and a clever strategy.

The Courier.  Mount Barker Steel

An engaging, informative and celebratory advertisement about a key business achievement.  The combination of the original black and white ads, contrasts well with the bright colours and reinforces trust in a brand that has been around for a generation.  I liked how it served a double purpose of reinforcing the longevity of the relationship with The Courier.

The Courier.  The Old Mill Steakhouse

A bold and unmissable advertisement about a well known establishment, combining new information and announcements with a strong link to tradition (in the name and logo).Even though it is a whole page, it presents a “less is more” layout, with large key statements about the most popular things, with a tasty hero image of a grilling steak.


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