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Best Sport Photo


WINNER: Centralian Today, Nikki Westover

Westover’s capture of the leaping jockey simply demands that the viewer look further into the story. The subject’s leap is dynamic, the outfit is bright, the lighting is golden and slanted and the jockey’s face is radiant. And no wonder – she has just completed a double treble, winning six races in two consecutive outings. Yet then there is her backstory, harrowing, sad yet uplifting that she has come through it so strongly.

All of this leaps out of the leaping, smiling jockey who, coincidentally, has no horse to accompany her in the picture, simply bare, empty yards in the background leaving no doubt who the subject of the photo is.

An excellent sporting image.


“Almost mark of the year” because the player dropped the ball on his way down but still a wonderful capture of extraordinary athleticism. The reaction of the opposition player on the ground behind the action is priceless and Penna’s image was perfect to use with the opening report for the season.

THIRD: The Courier, Andrew Ausserlechner

Ausserlechner’s capture of a footballer landing on his head is a moment in time that the subject will doubtless look back on frequently in future years. A terrific sports capture, eyes and ball in frame and some truly crazy action to put questions into the viewers mind.


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