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Best News Photo


WINNER: Centralian Today, Phil Williams

Such a powerful news image, Williams has captured a semi trailer nosing its way through a bushfire. This is a rare case where no human is required as the driver of the truck is assumed by the viewer to be at the wheel. Many Australians have by now experienced the force of bushfire so the image must resonate with viewers on deep levels, inciting emotions of fear, hope, curiousity and wonder.

Congratulations Phil Williams for being in the right place at the right time and making an exciting image that is truly newsworthy.

RUNNER UP: Eyre Peninsula Advocate, Andrew Brooks

“Hell on High waters”

This is an example of clever newspaper editing, where Brooks has provided a spectacular image of a human seemingly turning to run from a massive wave breaking over rocks, but the story is, in fact, about a sea  rescue whose accompanying image is somewhat un-spectacular. In itself the image of the bursting wave is thought provoking but the editorial intent behind it’s placement and use – to draw the reader into the bigger boat story is great journalism encouraging potential readers to partake of a story they may otherwise have ignored due to lack of impelling visuals.

THIRD: Eyre Peninsula Advocate, Adam Sheldon

“Paradise Lost”

This image evokes deep feelings of devastation and loss set against a normally beautiful backdrop of spectacular coastal shoreline. Purists may argue that the midday sun detracts from the image leaving the light flat and uninteresting but surely that’s how the victim feels? His whole life is up in smoke, he’s retired and dramatically underinsured. Solid picture of the outcome created by a massive news event in Port Lincoln.


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