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Best Advertising Feature


A stellar selection of quality features were submitted by 15 separate mastheads into this important revenue award. Features will be the lifeblood of the protracted post Covid years. They will serve publishers well as they always deliver increased revenues and improve staff moral and purpose.

Most entries were of a higher creative standard with mostly crisp photography and more innovative layouts and design.

The winner of the award this year is THE PLAINS PRODUCER for their ‘BALAKLAVA FOODLAND 60 YEARS-8 Page Lift out feature.

This was a traditional style feature which was a delight to see. It had an incredibly big impact locally and obviously with the Smith family really hit the mark. The page layout flow was perfect and the photos both historical and present time gave the feature an edge. The customer testimonials were awesome and added to the features local credibility. The Supermarket history timeline was an appropriate addition to this all round superb feature. The fact that the Producer snared a supermarket to run a feature is significant. All publications should now be energized and looking to do the same.

Well done, Producer team !

Second Place The Leader’s  BAROSSA AREA FUNDRAISERS FOR CANCER and Southern Argus COMMEMORATING ANZAC features. These were so well laid out and covered the Fund Raisers marketing messages so effectively.  All proceeds from these features went to the fundraisers amazing. Fantastic work Tony, Darren and team.

Third Place shared by THE BORDER WATCH for their ’15 STEPS’ Feature and the FLEURIEU SUN FOR their A TO Z HOME GUIDE. All had novel layouts and showed great creativity.


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