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Best Advertisement Image/Branding



Overall judging comments

I have been judging the Best Advertisement category for many years and continue to find it difficult to decide on the winners. This year, with 52 entries across the two categories of Image/Branding and House Advertising , I found the task especially difficult. Thank you to all of those newspapers who with the desire to share and celebrate their good work, took the time to enter.

House advertising is often overlooked amongst the advertising that is done for clients, yet promoting your own product and services is no less important. House advertising is also a great way to demonstrate, practice and develop in-house creativity. As I judged these entries I saw a great depth of pride in product and a belief in the power of the local newspaper.

Image branding is at the heart of advertising in all media. I can see in the effort behind every idea and execution for this category, a passion to do the best for the client and to reinforce their strong relationship with the local newspaper. In my opinion, this is what makes every locally produced advertisement a winner. Every one of them keeps alive the significance of local advertising for business success.

More than the image and layout of the advertising is the story behind how it came to be and how it performed. Consistent to every story is a trusted relationship and a recognition that advertising in a local newspaper still works a treat.

As I judge the awards my only disappointment is that I rarely get any information about the background and impact of the advertising. Where this information is provided by the entrant, it adds a different layer to my appreciation of the work. It would be very helpful if in the future every entry is accompanied by a paragraph of information, rather than just supplying the advertisement itself.

Congratulations to the place-getters in both categories, but also congratulations to you all. Your pride and professionalism for country newspapers makes you all winners.



The Leader. Contour at Louise. (ID 498)

This is a visually stunning advertisement. The theme of sunset is carried through the entire palette, but most of all, in the photos, which whether the views, or the food, carry beautiful yellow, orange and red colours of sunset. I found the advertisement to be calming, informative and easy to recall when planning a relaxing afternoon or evening in the Barossa. Well done to the team at The Leader.


Murray Pioneer. Caseys Pest Control (ID 401)

I like this one for its simplistic design and impact. A spider provokes fear for a large proportion of the population and unease for many more. Even though it’s not the most sinister pest in the house, it is definitely the most infamous - and therefore a perfect image for a pest control company.

A “shocking” (for some) image and a very simple call to action make this ad work. This entry was boosted by an excellent testimonial from the client, whose positive relationship with the newspaper has lasted for 30 years.


Eyre Peninsula Advocate. Peter Teakle Wines (ID 505)

This is another beautifully designed advertisement, using colour and relevant photos to present the brand of the client and information about an event. On a nice day, the winery would be a terrific place to hang out and this advertisement presents images and words that give many reasons to visit. It’s particularly good to see such a nice advertisement created by one of the newer and smaller circulation mastheads.


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