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Best Advertisement - House Advertising



Southern Argus. Not a Burger Advertisement (ID 568)

This is a clever ad that uses an unmissable image and a large, ambiguous headline on a clean page and with little text, to give a strong call to action. It’s unlikely that few people would skip the page without reading the copy, maximising the chance that potential advertisers will make contact. A good and creative idea that’s been well executed.


Port Lincoln Times. Send us your photos (ID 522)

This advertisement is stunning and memorable for the way in which it uses marine colours and images to reflect the brand and culture of Port Lincoln. In capturing people’s attention it effectively evokes pride in their community and a desire to share their pride by submitting their photos for publication. For regular readers of the newspaper, this advertisement would make it very hard to forget that when they take beautiful photos they can become a part of the brand and culture of Port Lincoln when they are published in the Times.


The Plains Producer. Share the Big News (ID 364)

An appealing layout with a strong hero image and headline that leaves no doubt about the call to action. It also reinforces the personal connection that readers have with a local newspaper, especially in celebrating the important moments and events in our lives. It is a great step in promoting the idea of “user-generated content” in print.


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