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General comments:

A most difficult task to be the judge of this award this year – but I enjoyed it. The category attracted so many high-quality entries with only very minor elements separating those in the running. I put myself in the position of the reader – what would I like to pick up and read? The strongest entries used modern and crisp layout styles, innovative photography, interesting and relevant editorials and plenty of well-designed ads. The use of gloss or other high-quality stock is also a feature of many of the entries and I’ve noted an overall improvement in the stock used for entries in this category this year.

First: Murray Pioneer 130 Years Souvenir Edition

This highly impressive 44-page souvenir edition celebrates the Murray Pioneer’s 130 years of publishing. The modern and clean layout makes you want to keep turning the pages and the content pops with excellent use of historical photos and extracts from old editions as well as newly created editorials and images. The advertising support is solid but does not dominate the pages. The content is so interesting – locals would have loved this publication and kept it. The gloss cover and good quality newsprint inside, combined with the layout style make it work so well. For me, every element is covered here. Well done to the team at Murray Pioneer.

Second: The Barossa Mag (The Leader)

A top-quality publication that would be a must-read for locals and tourists in and around the Barossa Valley and further afield. The 72-page Winter 2022 edition submitted for judging is filled with information on local events, stories on local people, well used large photos, strong advertising, recipes, fashion, history, local weddings, a book review and a beautifully laid out wine review section. The publication uses is creative photography well and its modern layouts make the content very easy to consume. The publication is also supported by its own website, social media and e-Newsletter adding value for advertisers. Congratulations to the team at The Leader.

Third: Hills Wanderer (The Mt Barker Courier)

Printed on top quality gloss stock throughout this publication would be right at home on any coffee table in Australia. The Summer 2022 publication submitted for judging was the second edition published and I believe the team has it nailed. The use of large photos, a good size editorial font and style on either a white or light background, no reverse in editorials and great separation between advertising and editorials makes this a very easy magazine to read and enjoy. The editorial content focused on locals is exceptional. The insta gallery, calendar of events, weddings section, things we love section, gourmet bits and bites section, cocktails pages, gardening pages and home style page would all resonate well with the reader. Excellent work by the team at The Mt Barker Courier.

Special Mention: Valley Magazine

A monster effort by the team at Plains Producer to produce this back-to-back 56-page Valley and Flinders Magazine all in one. This Autumn 2022 magazine submitted for judging features modern layouts, strong local editorial showcasing the diversity of the district, creative and well used photography all backed up by strong advertising. The well-designed wine review pages add a feature to the magazine allowing additional advertising to be sold. The quality gloss stock throughout makes the publication easy to read and adds to the shelf life of the magazine. Well done to the team at Plains Producer.


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