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Best Sport Photo


WINNER: "Bucked" Ash Penhall, The Bunyip. Great crop of an exciting capture featuring excellent symmetry and an unusual juxtaposition of horse and rider. Judge's recommendation: blur the background a bit to simulate a shallower depth of field and blow it up for your wall!

(A comment, if you'd like to pass it on) Next time take a 70-200mm lens and crank the aperture open to about f2.8 to really separate your subject from the background.

2nd: "Speed Racers" Rod Penna, Yorke Peninsula Country Times. Excellent technical execution and composition. Negative space well used by ed with off-kilter text to highlight the drama and speed of karting.

3rd: "What a Catch" Jesse Ehlers, Fleurieu Sun. A difficult capture showing a soon-to-be-awkward landing. Just a split second earlier showing the ball-to-hand action would have been even better.

There were many entries this year, which was great, but only a small number stood out for their outstanding captures of sporting moments so I have not made any "special mentions" this year.


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