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Best Road Safety Reporting


Overall comment

With a significant number of road fatalities and serious injuries occurring in rural areas, there is a genuine need to highlight this issue. This year’s entries covered a broad range of topics from dangerous roads, community advocacy, and stories of road trauma highlighting the importance of road safety. The high level of writing, research, quality interviews and ability to speak to local needs is to be commended across every entry.


Fleurieu Sun – Michael Simmons

This is a worthy winner of this year’s award. The article covered not only the issue of the very dangerous Victor Harbor to Adelaide Road, but also captured the concerns of the community and outlined federal, state and local government inaction. Great example of journalism that understands it’s community and the commitment required to deliver a comprehensive picture of the issue. Great work!


The Southern Argus – Georgina McKay

The firsthand experiences of John Illingworth had a significant impact on me, and I have no doubt that other readers had the same experience. Great example of why authentic story telling will always be important for capturing attention.


The Border Times - Deirdre Graham

This article promoted the Road Trauma Prevention Forum which was created on the back of a local drug and drink driving in 18-25 years olds. I thought the article covered the reason behind the Forum well by highlighting the input from the sporting club, police and medical experts. I am left wanting to know more about the impact of this initiative.


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