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Best News Photo


As the category title suggests, scoring is weighted in favour of newsworthiness followed by technical and artistic merit.

WINNER: Bryan Littley, Fleurieu Sun, Floods in Victor Harbor. Current newsworthiness, good composition and human element as subject.

The most important aspect of an excellent news photo is to actually be there to take the photo, which Littley was. After that, there must be a subject, in this case the two people who own the store, posed simply outside their sandbagged shopfront. And there's a hook in this photo which is the guy on crutches, a great heart-string tugger and a question for the viewer which might be answered by reading the copy. Importantly there must be a news aspect to the image which, in this case, is the flood. Visually, the floods are intriguing and the image poses further questions for the viewer which require reading of the story. "Importantly", because stories sell papers and sold papers pay for journos and togs!

Finally comes the artistic and technical ability which is exactly right in this image. The composition is just right and the exposure is perfect for the situation.

2nd: Patrick Goldsmith, Yorke Peninsula Country Times. "Returned to Country" Current newsworthiness, good composition, human element but subject not making eye contact with camera or his task

This is a story 200 years in the making. It was a set up shot. The subject really REALLY needed to be either looking at camera or at the box of bones he's burying.

3rd: Cannot separate: Louise Mayfield, Mt Barker Courier, "Earmarked for Arts" Great setting, composition and lighting, please feel free to assist subject with attire in a set shot

Rod Penna, Yorke Peninsula Country Times, "Every Hour Counts" A spectacular image lacking only a human element.


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