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Best Advertisement Image/Branding



Overall judging comment

I have been judging the best advertising category for several years and continue to find it difficult to decide on the winners.  Thank you to all of those newspapers who with the desire to share and celebrate their good work, took the time to enter.

I was pleased this year to judge a new category for the house advertising.  This is a category often overlooked amongst the advertising that is done for clients, yet promoting your own product is no less important.  House advertising is also a great way to demonstrate, practice and develop in-house creativity.  As I judged these entries I saw a great depth of pride in product and a belief in the power of the local newspaper.

Image branding is at the heart of advertising in all media.  As reflected in the effort behind every idea and execution for this category, I could see they are driven by a passion to do the best for the client and to reinforce their strong relationship with the local newspaper.  In my  opinion, this is what makes every locally produced advertisement a winner.   Every one of them keeps alive the significance of local advertising for business success.

More than the image and layout of the advertising is the story behind how it came to be and how it performed.  Consistent to every story is a trusted relationship and a recognition that advertising in a local newspaper still works a treat.

As I judge the awards my only disappointment is that I rarely get any information about the background and impact of the advertising.  Where this information is provided by the entrant, it adds a different layer to my appreciation of the work.  It would be very helpful if in the future every entry is accompanied by a paragraph of information, rather than just supplying the advertisement itself.

Congratulations to the place-getters in both categories, but also congratulations to you all.  Your pride and professionalism for country newspapers makes you all winners.

Best Advertisement - Image/Branding


Yorke Peninsula Country Times.  Moonta and Kadina Gourmet Meats

This series of advertisements is an outstanding example of good design, captivating headline, humour and localised content.  Seeing familiar faces and reading the “plays” on their names can’t fail to engage the audience and reinforce the brand as top of mind.

Well done to all involved.


Barrier Daily Truth.  Far West Auto

This advertisement is a perfect example of less being more.  Solid white, simple statement and a clever image supporting the proposition.   It really stood out on the page.


Murray Pioneer. Warburtons Butchers

Having seen the advertisements for Warburtons over several years I can see the creation of a very strong brand in the use of consistent colour, layout and hero images.

This advertisement is a strong statement with a magnificent image that further reinforces the name and status of the business.

Special mentions

Fleurieu Sun.  Beachside Bedding

The simple use of colours in this advertisement is what makes it good.  Engagement is immediate and the shades of beaches and warmth support the business name and the proposition.  A strong hero image and offer, with important information about the business is clearly stated.

SE Voice.  Kalangadoo Hotel

These relatively small series of advertisements pack quite an impact in communicating the brand of the client.  Simple messages and images about the things people love about country pubs, are very effective in positioning the character of the client as top of mind.

The Advocate.  Cleve Rural Traders

I liked this advertisement.  It’s colourful, warm and friendly.  The colour of canola creates a very local feel.  Smiling faces of real people are always great to have in an advertisement.  Clear statement of purpose and contact details.

Other entries (in no order)

The SE Voice.  Limestone Coast Party Hire

A visually pleasing advertisement, using nice colour and images, appropriately placed with a story about a local wedding.  Informative, with clear call to action.

The Advocate.  Eyre Peninsula Field Days

A colourful and informative advertisement, using bright agricultural colours of yellow, brown and green and a distinct hero image to bring attention.  Clear information and call to action.

The Plains Producer.  Docair

A small and informative advertisement that effectively uses a humorous image and irony  to brand the business.

Plains Producer.  Platinum Ag Services

A nice simple advertisement with an engaging hero image that captures attention and supports the copy.  Good play on words in the headline and clear contact details.  A website would have been a good addition for “after hours” information.

South Eastern Times.  Denton Sportspower

A great front page advertisement using the strong corporate colours of the client and including a message of support for local sports team.  Good use of position and easy to spot brand and message.

The Border Watch.  Bi-Rite

A simple ad using the colours of the business - even in the product image.  Informative about the product, however the branding and contact details of the business were fairly small and easily missed.

Fleurieu Sun.  FP Ag

I liked what this advertisement was saying, but some aspects of it unsettled me.  I understood the implication of the last meal for the mouse, however I saw in the imagery that the doomed mouse might also be the last meal for the cat.  Clever though and perhaps the different interpretations are useful.   Good imagery, with clear client branding and contact details.

Barrier Truth.  North West Radiology

This is an interesting advertisement with an expensive piece of media equipment the unlikely hero.  It is clear in stating what it is about and provides comprehensive information.  Contact details and business hours are very clear.

The Border Times. O’Brien Solicitors

I liked this advertisement for it’s warmth and friendliness.  The presentation of the people matches the headlines and creates a nice connection that is trustworthy, without being intimidating.  A very appropriate style of advertisement for the industry.

Murray Pioneer.  Casey’s Pest Control

I like this advertisement because it wouldn’t fail to resonate with people who are intimidated by bugs.  Spiders invoke the worst of their fears and promote the need to take action.  The use of black and red effectively intensifies the sinister nature of the imagery.

Yorke Peninsula Country Times.   Eat, Shop, Play Guide

These are attractive and informative full page advertisements.  Not too cluttered, colourful and with quite a bit of information.  I understand this is an ongoing feature sponsored by one client and supported by others.  Useful for locals and visitors and good branding for all participants.

The Courier.  Adelaide Fuel

This is an attractive advertisement that is very corporate for the brands that the client represents.  It carries a simple and informative message.  The solid colours make it stand out on the page and the call to action and location is clear.

The Courier.  Great Eastern Hotel

This is a pleasant looking advertisement, with nice cool shades of colour and a simple message that resonates with both regulars and new customers.  All aspects of the hotel - food, entertainment and drink sales - are covered.


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