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Best Advertisement - House Advertising



The Bunyip.  Keeping you connected since 1863

This is a visually rich, engaging and impactful advertisement that reminds readers of the functional and emotional responsibility of The Bunyip over almost 160 years.

The layout is detailed with photos that will resonate with all readers and prompt a range of emotional responses, not the least of which is a nostalgic connection with the masthead.

This advertisement is an outstanding example of the newspaper adage that “a picture paints a thousand words”.


The Yorke Peninsula Country Times.  Online subscriptions

Here is an ad that worked because it used appropriate imagery to convey a simple call to action.   The online edition is clearly illustrated on a computer and a mobile device,  the information is comprehensive and the call to action is easy to follow.  The overall layout even represents the online experience - large, clean and uncluttered.

An excellent advertisement that is clearly getting results.


SE Voice.  Catalogue distribution

This advertisement, published at the onset of winter, addresses a common and frustrating problem for advertisers who perceive letter-boxing to more effective.  The advantage of distributing via the newspaper is clearly stated with good colours, a strong image and great text.

The call to action is simple any easy, although the inclusion of a telephone number would have been helpful.

Special mentions

The Plains Producer.  Share the big ....

An appealing layout with a strong hero image and suggestive headline that leaves no doubt about the call to action.  It also reinforces the personal connection that readers have with a local newspaper, especially in celebrating the important moments and events in our lives.  It is a great step in promoting the idea of “user-generated content” in print.

The Courier.  Football Tipping competition

This is a bright and informative advertisement that not just excites the reader about the competition, but tells them everything they need to know to be a part of it. The footy tipping fanatic wouldn’t miss it and is likely the reason why the competition is over-subscribed so quickly.

The corporate palette of Wallis Cinemas makes the layout quite attractive, but on the other hand it distracts the “ownership” of the competition away from The Courier.

Other entries (in no order)

Fleurieu Sun.  Step up your business

A simple and colourful ad that stands out and addresses tradespeople, as opposed to shopfront businesses.  Straightforward text and clear call to action.

Eyre Peninsula Advocate.  Got a story to tell

A visually appealing advertisement, with a terrific hero image, but let down by two very bad errors in the email address and the web address.  Requires more care with proof reading as anyone responding to the ad will be frustrated and get a negative impression.

Murray Pioneer.  The paper you love

A simple message and call to action that reinforces the connection with the newspaper, using a strongly local front page image.  Might have been good to have used different front pages with similar appeal, rather than the same.

Fleurieu Sun.  Normanville feature

I could not judge this one as the submission didn’t appear to fit the category and there were no explanatory notes with it.

Eyre Peninsula Advocate.  Leaders in the field

An excellent advertisement that reinforces the credentials of the newspapers with a strong hero image that resonates with the target market.  A good offer to promote interest in a group buy.

Plains Producer.  Get in on this ad space

A cleverly amusing advertisement that effectively gets the message across that advertisers will be flocking for a piece of the space.  A nice, bright design works perfectly for the position and lifts the regular house advertisement layout into something different.

The SE Voice.  Publication days

Simple and effective message and use of colour and space, with a reinforcement of the additional publishing day.

The Border Watch.  Additional publication day

Great headline, straightforward information and clear call to action.  A very effective advertisement that fulfils its purpose well.

Information about the judge

Mark Clemow is one of South Australia’s most experienced and respected practitioners in Marketing Communications.   His career in advertising started with the iconic Neville Jeffress Advertising and included time with TMP Worldwide, Starcom and Blaze Advertising.  Mark has also been Director of Strategic Communications for the Government of South Australia and Classified Advertising Manager at News Corp in Adelaide.

Mark is mostly retired, but maintains an interest in the media and occasionally consults as The Right Mark.

Mark is passionate about country press.  He grew up with The Bunyip and now looks forward to reading The Courier every Wednesday morning and the Adelaide Hills Herald on Fridays.


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