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Best Advertisement – Priced Product


Entries this year for the Best Advertisement – Priced Product for 2022 was excellent, the quality of advertisements was of a very high standard and made the judging very difficult, it wasn’t an easy task in choosing the winner that’s how it should be and I congratulate all newspapers who entered this category.

Third place…

The Mount Barker Courier.

The Barre Colab.

The advertisement size T32 Certainly stood out on the page, the first thing you notice is the $99 Welcome offer, straight away this got my attention, what do I get for $99.

A well balanced advertisement utilising the small space perfectly that had all the information needed, good point form and welcoming pictures…

Another high quality advertisement that was seriously considered for the award…very close indeed.

Second place …

Yorke Peninsula Country Times.

Full page advertisement… Gunnings Kadina Used and Demo Vehicles.

Great full page advertisement that is well designed, has great images that certainly grabs your attention, the listing of Used Vehicles and Demo Vehicles is a terrific idea as it shows that there are plenty of vehicles for you to choose from, the advertisement has a real clean look to it, the shadow at the top and bottom of the advertisement with white space in the middle is a real clever use of shades of colour.

*Best Advertisement – Priced Product 2022:

WINNER: The SE Voice.

Full page advertisement…Christmas Wish list.

Amazing full page advertisement that perfectly fits the criteria, it has impact straight away, you want to look at it, you want to look at the products advertised, very easy on the eye and easy to follow, The SE Voice and the sales team are to be congratulated for coming up with a terrific concept, the graphic team are to be congratulated for the design, it has even space for the advertisers, the products advertised for each of those businesses are extremely clear and the light drop shadow behind each product gives it a real dimensional look, minimal wording with the right font used, this type of page allows all businesses big or small the opportunity to be part of an advertising campaign that is affordable leading into Christmas, to have the Christmas Wish list promotion run for 13 weeks is incredible, an absolute fantastic effort.

This concept is a must for all newspapers to embrace.

Congratulations to the team at The SE Voice on an innovative advertising/marketing campaign “Christmas Wish List 2022.

Greg Herrick.

Advertising Manager.



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