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The “South East Coastal Leader” circulates throughout the Kingston, Robe and Coorong districts. 

The ports of Kingston and Robe are home to a vital rock lobster and fishing industry; the Coorong is famous for its mullet. This pristine coastal region has expanding wine producing, fish farming, sheep and cattle grazing and timber industries. The beaches, fishing grounds, national parks and coastal reserves attract thousands of tourists and support a thriving tourism infrastructure.


THE COASTAL LEADER serves a vast area of the rich farming lands of the South-East – from Kingston to Robe to Cape Jaffa and the world-renowned Coorong.

The first edition of the paper, then called The South East Kingston Leader, was launched on September 19, 1962, by Richard (Dick) McRostie and his wife, Rhonda. Its masthead revealed: “For Robe, Lacepede & Lucindale Local Government Areas.” Published on Wednesdays, it sold for 6d a copy.

With the launch of the Mr McRostie’s paper it was the first time the town had had a local paper since March, 1951.

In November, 1978, ownership of The South East Kingston Leader changed hands with Noel and Dorothy McRostie taking the reins. They had shifted to Kingston from Pyramid Hill in Victoria in 1966.

On Christmas Eve, 1979, illness suddenly struck Noel McRostie and his son, Geoff, took over managing the newspaper.

The paper underwent a name change on February 25, 1987, to the SE Kingston Leader, with the masthead featuring a bull, sheep and crayfish – the main produce of the flourishing region. 

In April, 2001, Richard Peake, owner of The Naracoorte Herald and president of the Country Press Association of S.A. Inc. from 1983 to 1985, bought the paper. Seven months later he changed the name of the paper to the Coastal Leader. The paper then circulated in the Kingston, Robe and Coorong areas and cost 80c a copy.

In October, 2010, a new era at the Coastal Leader began under new owners, SA Regional Media Pty Ltd, part of Fairfax Media.

The sale of the Leader by Richard Peake and Judy Barton ended the Peake family’s 52-year association with SE newspapers which began when Harry and Margaret Peake arrived at Naracoorte in 1958. (Mr Harry Peake, OBE, served as president of the then Provincial Press Association of South Australia and president of the Provincial Press Association of Australia.)

Operations of the Coastal Leader are overseen from Naracoorte with the editor of The Naracoorte Herald, Lee Curnow, also editing the Leader. An updated masthead was unveiled by the paper in June, 2011.

The town’s first paper was The Kingston Weekly which stated on its masthead: “Circulating throughout Kingston, Robe and Lucindale Districts”. Its first edition on March 22, 1946, was published by the Kingston Traders’ Association at the price 2d a copy or 5/- a year.

The association’s aim was to “record faithfully the growing needs of the district in business as well as pleasure.”

Within three months it had more than 400 subscribers. In a Page 1 article on July 5, 1946, the paper’s editor said: “The Kingston Weekly has passed three months of existence as a newspaper, and the effort has been very well received by its supporters amongst the public.”

In 1947, the association sold the paper to a group of local businessmen under the management of Mr D. Wade. At that time the price had risen to 3d a copy and the annual cost had doubled to 10/-.

The Weekly continued for another four years until “lack of support and continually rising costs” forced its closure in March, 1951.