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Judge: Sean McGowan

FIRST: Phil Williams, The Bunyip

Nothing shouts “Country Sports” louder than a great rodeo photo and Phil Williams’ winning image was clearly the loudest shout of 2018.

Complete with roped steer, hard-braking horse and airborne cowboy flying through the dust, Williams captured this iconic photograph at just the right time of day. The low sun cast a golden hue through the frame throwing long shadows across the ground, enhancing the feeling of depth and three-dimensionality. The crop creates strong composition around the three players in the action and the cowboy’s height above both the steer and horse give him his due command of the scene. Faces are crucial to excellent sports photography, providing a window to emotion and focus is crisp on the cowboy’s, which is deep in concentration as he prepares to land.

A fine example of sports photography capturing a spectacular moment at the height of the action.

SECOND: James Murphy, The Border Watch

A well-timed footy photo filed with a great mix of facial expressions. The composition creates a lingering dwell factor with its long line of players leading in and up to the man marking the ball.

Interestingly, there’s an even number of players from each side in this shot and the game was a draw!

THIRD: Grant Schwarzkopff, The River News

Schwarzkopff’s capture of a racing dinghy under extreme steer is well framed and sharply focused. The heavy contrast and sharpening increase the contemporary “extreme sports” feel of the photo and overprinting with the newspaper’s masthead heightens the overall effect of an action-filled magazine cover.


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