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Judge: Sean McGowan

FIRST: Stephanie Thompson, The Loxton News

Thompson’s excellently composed artistic image draws the viewer’s gaze through an intriguing circular frame of grain to the somber expression of the subject’s face where one latches onto a perfectly focused eye. It is literally an eye-catching image and relates perfectly to the article as the subject is also a quoted source while grain is a topic.

A front page photo should always demand further attention and, in this case, the clever use of clear Perspex to perplex the eye begs the question, “How was that done?”

A great idea executed well.

SECOND: Jane Kuerschner, Murray Pioneer

Kuerschner’s capture of two dancers in mid-hair-flick is a fine example of a photograph demanding further inspection of its viewer. A well composed image utilizing eye-catching lines and dynamic poses, the picture had only negligible newsworthiness but its artistic nature still made it a strong choice for front page.

Technically difficult, the sun’s backlighting creates excellent edge lights on the foreground dancer. The image may have benefitted from one stop of underexposure in order to save the clouds, saturate the blues and greens and a blacken silhouette but, on newsprint it is striking.

THIRD: Ethan Allen, Plains Producer

Allen’s simple image depicting the emotions of loss and relief following a fire is a classic piece of photojournalistic storytelling. While it tells some of the tale itself,  it also encourages the reader to delve into the article for more information.

SPECIAL MENTION: Alicia Luedi-Schutz, The Leader

Set against a backdrop of barren paddock and scrawny sheep, Luedi-Schutz perfectly framed her image of farmers kicking up dust. She included the onions fed to the sheep in the foreground and the degree of difficulty was increased by needing to coordinate the dance of two blokes.

Unfortunately, the farmer in Hi-Vis threw his right arm behind himself at the crucial moment which unbalanced an otherwise well staged and executed shot.


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