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Judge: Ross McPherson AM

This was a strong field of entries and it is gratifying to see editors and subs putting such creative effort into headline writing when working under the pressures they face every day.


“The Three Amayorgos”  -  Murray Pioneer

When three local mayors decided to seek re-election the paper produced an entertaining front page playing on the central idea of a witty headline. The word Amayorgos is of course initially impenetrable – this would normally count it out – but the creative use of type, along with the illustrations, invites the reader to work it out. Few headlines can produce, in the reader,  a warm feeling of achievement like that. Excellent!


“From Bricklayer to Nick-slayer?”  -  The Bunyip

A tilt at the long-standing local member by a local bricklayer offered editor Grady Hudd an opening – and he took it. The result is a headline offering instant entry into the story, aided by the impact of the rhyming “layer.”

The question mark and rhyming also keeps the headline light-hearted – unlikely to upset readers on one side the fence or the other.


“No honey for Badger”  -  The Border Watch

A story featuring a former Mt Gambier contestant on The Bachelor noted her prediction that the then-star, Nick “Badger” Cummins would not find love on her show prompted this delightful headline, playing on the Honey Badger in a way that was topical and the talk of many in the town.  It is a reminder that whatever the town is talking about is news and we should be alert to pick up local angles on it – of which this is a superb example.

Special mention…

To the Plains Producer for clever use of alliteration on Drug Data Down the Drain – an effective way to add impact to a headline on any kind of story, even one that might initially seem dull.



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