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Judge: Paul Starick

Winner: Amie Price, Yorke Peninsula Country Times

Profile of Karimi Manners, a Kenyan woman who has opened a food business in Alford, a farming town of 158 people.

Comments: This is a memorable story about an unusual and interesting person, who has started a thriving food business in a small country town. The exceptional nature of Karimi Manners’ situation gave Amie a good head start but she ensured the story was told in a lively, entertaining manner. Her copy flows extremely well and is packed with relevant detail. For me, the key was that this was the story I went home and told my family about after reading through the entries at work. I could not find any record of the Karimi’s story being published elsewhere. Congratulations Amie. Perhaps you could celebrate with a meal at Karimi’s Kitchen Takeaway.

Special mention: Plains Producer, Louise Michael

This also was an extremely interesting and intriguing story. It made me want to read on and had plenty of relevant detail. The difference between this and the winner was the copy did not seem to flow quite as well, even though it was a fine piece of writing. I found myself going back several times and re-reading, just to ensure I did not miss something. Perhaps this had something to do with the layout - longer paragraphs - and over two pages. Regardless, it was a narrow contest but I had to choose one winner.



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