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Judge: Peter Read, Pomona Qld.

Very little separated the best of the very impressive entries in the CPSA Best Supplement 2018 awards.

Supplements are inevitably a vehicle to sell themed advertising. They work best when the design is eye-catching and they contain advertorial that successfully masquerades as editorial and most of the entrants this year achieved this aim.

The photo quality was outstanding in many cases and the layouts were creative. Although most of the entries were on well-trodden themes, they showed pleasing creativity.

Having the smaller and larger papers all in the one section made judging more difficult.

A Special Mention goes to The Bunyip for their innovative On the Ball publication – a one-stop shop for all things football, netball, hockey, soccer and basketball.

Third place goes to The Angaston Leader, for their impressive Celebrating 100 Years publication, covering their colourful company history. The Robinson’s family’s newspaper passion over four generations was imaginatively documented and the team spirit that has been a feature of this company was appropriately celebrated and this made interesting reading. Incredibly good advertising support reflected the paper’s outstanding community connection. The cover was outstanding. Including some of their most interesting front pages over the years and coverage of their editorial campaign successes would have lifted them in the placings.

In second place, and only marginally behind the winner, is The Murray Pioneer, for their impressive annual tourist publication, River Time. Great pics, impressive and detailed local maps, an interesting layout and good content were a feature. Excellent  front and back covers and comprehensive tourist information will make repeat advertising easier to sell, an important consideration with annual productions. I felt that some of the editorial was more blatantly advertorial and the winning publication managed to present similar content that was better disguised.

The winner is The Copper Coast 2019 Visitors’ Guide produced by The Yorke Peninsula Country Times. This annual, full gloss tourist guide was on par with efforts by much bigger publishers, including State Tourist bodies, elsewhere. It has great layouts and pics and interesting editorial with the town by town layout making it very readable. The maps at the back of the book were large and informative and the circulation of this guide is impressively wide.



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