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Judge:  Chris Coote

It is good to see there is still thought and planning going in to producing advertising features as they are good for revenue. The traditional 50:50or thereabouts advertisement/editorial rule seems to still apply but breaking with that type of tradition may be the way to create more interest for readers and advertisers. Graphics from advertisements breaking into editorial, all advertorial features, and other non-traditional ideas could help reinvigorate features.


First place

Plains Producer: A-Z Home Guide

This eight-page feature was a standout. The editorial was clean and well laid out, and the use of background colour was, in this case, appealing to the eye. It is obvious the feature was well planned and broke away from the traditional ad stack and editorial on top. This type of break from tradition generally pleases advertisers and readers tend to focus more on the content as it is different. No doubt this was a good earner and would, one would expect, be easy to sell again.

Second place

Angaston Leader: Rediscover Angaston

The Leader has done a good job of making what sometimes can be standard fare about a town into something appealing and interesting. The six pages are opened with a story that gives a good introduction and to the feature and a good photo with lots of local faces, and local faces and stories continue to feature strongly throughout the pages. The ad layout is neat and consistent, and while healthy in terms of advertising, it is clear editorial was given plenty of space too.

Third place

Yorke Peninsula Country Times: What’s On For The Summer Holidays

While this type of feature has been a regular in a number of papers over the years, the YP Country Times has ensured this is anything but standard. There are plenty of well designed and laid out ads, local faces and the editorial relates directly to the topic to deliver exactly what the advertisers and readers would want – clear information about what is on. It would have been a nice revenue generator to finish off the year too.


Angaston Leader: 100 years of Remembrance

Local stories and information help lift a style of feature that has been done widely for many years. The ad stack was repetitive, and the poppies became the centre of attention, but as revenue was donated to RSLs, and judging by the number of ads, businesses were happy to take part.

YP Country Times: Wine, Wheels & Whiting

This delivered clear information about the event it was promoting with a clean layout and good use of a graphic. The ad layout and production is clean and clear.

Plains Producer: WSB Distributors 80 Years

Fairly standard co-operative advertising feature that no doubt generated good income. Editorially one could have expected more history after 80 years rather than the large number of photos.

The Bunyip: Nurioopta

Five pages of solid revenue was supported by editorial on the town. It lacked a story at the start to give reason for the feature would have been a good promotion for Nurioopta.

Loxton News – Council Elections

Good for revenue and good for readers as they can’t miss a profile on the candidates. The editorial that was accompanied by an ad certainly popped from the page more than the editorial alone. This is a good way to monetise an election that in a lot of places lacks advertising.

Loxton News – Morgan

Solid advertising in this four and a bit-page feature. The editorial went well with the ads but could have benefited from more on the town.

The Border Times – The Year That Was 2018

A good wrap up of the year combined into an advertising feature. A higher percentage of editorial to advertising suggests this was more about delivering information that focussing solely on revenue generation. A high number of local faces would have created strong readership.

Murray Pioneer – Jarahs Hair

No doubt there was good income from this co-operative advertising feature. The editorial was simple and had a more interesting layout than the traditional. Not a lot of space meant there wasn’t a high story count.

The Courier – Summer Sports Guide

No doubt this generated plenty of revenue. It featured a high number of local people in the photographs although names were lacking from team photographs. The modular layout was somewhat repetitive but the ads in general popped from the page.

The Border Watch – Travel

This promised much with a beautiful photograph as a front page. There would have been plenty of income from the large number of advertisements. There was a number of ‘generic’ stories but a feature such as this benefitted from such editorial. This type of feature would make a good ‘regular’ spread for continued revenue generation.



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