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I appreciate the sometimes limited time we have to stop and have a critical look at the advertising material we produce but it is a good exercise for constant improvement.

It is important that the production departments of all local newspapers understand the importance of well designed and laid out advertisements.

They are a key to selling advertising.

If the advertising department have professional advertising material to present to clients, especially a campaign or a series of advertisements, perhaps a storyboard, then it makes selling newspaper advertising so much easier for sales people and clients appreciate the sales representative’s forward thinking about their business.

Newspaper clients cannot be bothered with a sales rep who presents well at the door but has nothing for the client to consider.

This year about half of the entries added notes to their advertisements for the judge to consider along with their entry.

There were still some advertisements that were not cleanly laid out or in other words keep the gazing eye very busy!

First this year was the entry from The Courier Mt Barker.

A full-page advertisement with big, bold prices and easy to read from a distance.

The advertisement had three parts:

  1. Pictures of staff stating how long the staff had been serving the company (most interesting for clients).
  2. The bold price product section; and
  3. The bottom of the page, a competition.

The advertisement surprised the client with its result, the client said "we believe the advert worked in many ways."

"The mountains of feedback from the public was fantastic and made us realise how many people like to read our local paper."

Great words of encouragement for the newspaper, and a confidence builder for all.

Second place went to Plains Producer for an advertisement that played by the rules.

A clean, easy to read layout…with one family of type through the advertisement - excellent work, with bold, clean color stopping the eye, complimented with easy to read copy.

The advertisement was an old classic layout, the prices jumped off the page for the reader.

A more detailed look of the advertisement and some of the copy type could have been aligned better, making the ad a little cleaner.

Third went to the Border Watch for regular weekly advertisement from She's Apples market.

Each week the products are presented in the paper in a well-banded advertisement.

The advertisement is easy to see and well reproduced, a tick for production and the printers.

Again the prices are an easy to read size (they may be better printed just in reverse, not green on black).

The advertisement is presented clean and regular each week developing the brand as well as well-priced products.

The advertiser must be getting results as the advertisement runs weekly with "special" changes each week

The tail of the advertisement also has all the necessary information all about the company, telephone number and address for the newcomer to town!

In summary, there has been over time, constant improvement in the layout and design of advertising in local newspapers.
With more competition from all market communication mediums in a challenging environment, it has never been so important for the local newspaper salesperson to be professional and enlightened about his or her clients, their business and their marketplace.

I would like to thank all local newspapers that reviewed their advertising for this year’s awards, and congratulations to the winner.

Bob Yeates, Bairnsdale Advertiser, Victoria.


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