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Judge: Mark Clemow, Business Director, Blaze Wavemaker

First.  Yorke Peninsula Country Times for the Copper Coast Produce Wholesalers.

This advertisement proved that size doesn’t matter when a brand is consistently and frequently reinforced in the right media.  This small ad delivered a big impact through being clear and colourful, with an unambiguous offer and a strong call to action.  The ad rated highly on all the criteria for this award.   Having invested in regular brand advertising in their local newspaper, the client reports good feedback and significant increases in turnover.

Second.  Murray Pioneer for Warburton’s Butchers

These bold and engaging ads effectively conveyed a slightly different approach to meat and butchering.  The memorable deadline aligned with the image to make the experience of the meat affectionate, flirtatious and fun.

Colours, typography and photography all worked well together and the inclusion of Emma’s face against the shop brand was an effective call to action.

Note.  This ad was scored down from first because the entry did not include any narrative about how it came about or performed.

Third.  The Bunyip for Hillier Park Residential Village

This is a nicely packaged ad that uses a strong emotional image and straightforward copy to reinforce family as a buying decision.  The colours and strength of image create an economy of words that can focus on the key issues of independent retirement living.

Retirement living is a cluttered sector and this ad proves that the simplest of emotional messages can be the most effective.

Note.  It would have been good to know the results of the campaign.

Commendation.  The Leader for the Barossa Distilling Company

An attractive ad that ties in the colours and activity of spring in the Barossa Valley with the product.  Nice image, simple layout.   Note:  Perhaps the photo of the product could have been larger as other aspects of the layout tend to dominate over the product itself.


Border Watch.  Key2Sale

An elegant ad that uses colour and staging to great effect and conveys a sense of style.  There is no question that people would stop and examine the ad.  The call to action was a bit unclear though, with too many contact points.  A brand ad should not double as a business directory.

YP Country Times.  YP Audiology

At first glance, this ad looks a bit busy, however on close examination there is a lot of information to get in and the design does it effectively.  The focus of the ad is very clear, with a good connection between imagery and words.  Call to action is also clear.

Courier.  Worklocker

There was no narrative accompanying this ad.  The imagery clearly conveyed the target market and product range.  The number of logos tended to clutter the ad a bit and I feel that the strong headline about stocking all the biggest brands would have been sufficient, with a stronger emphasis on the address and website call to action.

Courier.  Morphett Street Family Dental

There was no narrative accompanying this ad.  This ad has a lot of information in it, as well as trying to connect with the market through the faces of the people.  Personalising dentistry is important and should be considered as a stand alone brand activity, that could be further reinforced when messages, such as Christmas closures, are necessary.

Plains Producer.  Spiderman YP/MN

This is a colourful and eye-catching advertisement that’s a little quirky.  Call to action is strong and subject is very clearly conveyed through animation and colour.  The man in the sun-glasses makes the business seem mysterious and a bit cool. Not sure where the female pest specialists noted in the entry is apparent though, especially with a man in the image.

River News.  Hensel Locksmiths

As nice, clear and unambiguous set of ads.  Call to action is easy and the eye travels well from the major headline to the picture of Tim (in his friendly pose) to his phone number.

There was no narrative accompanying the ad to describe how it performed.

Loxton News.  Kings Table

This brands the outdoor charcoal grill effectively, although the ad was fairly dark and relied on good reproduction to make clear what it was.  This judge had to study it for a short time to work it out.  It has clear information, however the call to action is a bit lost in the dark background.  This may be okay for locals, but could make it hard for visitors.

Plains Producer.  Clewers

A good series of ads that are warm, exciting and work in various size formats.  There is no ambiguity as to the offer, reinforcing both the wood fire range and the retailer’s brand.  Call to action is very clear.  There was no narrative with the entry to indicate how it performed.

The Bunyip.  Evoke candles

This is nice ad with a simple message that conveys all of the aspects of the brand.  The headline has multiple meanings and the call to action is clear.  Repeated regularly, this kind of ad will be very effective in reinforcing the brand.

The Border Watch.  Barry Maney

These are good motor vehicle ads that reflect a successful formula for motor cars.  The background complements the picture of the vehicle and the call to action is clear.  Avoid multiple contact details in ads.  It confuses the call to action. In all of these ads, there should have been just one number to call, or website to visit.

South Eastern Times.  3MP

This series of ads demonstrates the importance of retaining a key brand aspect when rotating the message.  The 3MP brand to the left of the ad (and its front page position) clearly identifies the business as associated with the offer.   If the layout is consistent and the appearances are regular, this ad will do a lot to build a good brand position for the business.

South Eastern Times.  Fosters Foodland

This is a nice, colourful ad that effectively conveys a friendly and local attitude to groceries.  Assuming the contrast is against major supermarket brands, the ad is an effective point of difference for the client, especially over the longer term.



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